Searching for Saas Podcast – 12 episodes in the books!

It seems like everyone is creating a podcast these days.

Josh Ho (@jlogic) have been hanging out for a while. We’re forever talking about Saas stuff – business models, positioning – that sort of thing. It usually starts with one of us seeing something interesting and me asking lots of questions about it.

Out of the blue one day Josh was like “we talk about all this Saas stuff, we should start a podcast so other people can get stuff out of it too”. I was a bit hesitant – it’s not every day you’re invited to share your (possibly incorrect) thoughts in public. But we went ahead with it anyways – we’ll see how it goes, what’s the worst that can happen.

So we started talking about our histories starting businesses that fell flat. We talked about the lessons we learned and pitfalls we fell into. It was good to re-remember those lessons and I hope it helped even just 1 person avoid those same mistakes. During these first couple episodes I (the show editor) learned more about the podcast post-production workflow. I now use Descript (which is amazing btw) and the odd time, Audacity. I can now get a show through post-production in ~1hr.

Lately we’ve started to turn towards “processes to build a startup business” starting with the research phase. This was so critical to me because I’ve consumed a lot of startup guide material and nothing talks about finding an idea. It was always like “so you have your idea, build an MVP…”. I feel like we’re really getting to the meat of what we can offer here. Like here’s a somewhat repeatable process you can use to get better at finding and developing a business idea.

A lot more people have tuned in than I ever expected. I’ve learned a lot more than I ever expected to. It’s been a lot of fun! At this writing we have 12 episodes released. Here’s to the next 12!