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  • How to validate a Saas Niche – My One Pager
    Validating Saas ideas is hard. Back in the good ol’ days I had a pretty good validation technique – squinting and thinking really hard about the idea for a couple days. Turns out, hypothesizing in your head about how an idea might pan out isn’t really the best method. To be fair, I was using […]
  • From 0 to 1 – How to find and validate Saas ideas
    *note: if you haven’t listened to Searching for Saas episode 10 and episode 11, you probably want to stop right here and listen to those first. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably read a lot of “how-to” startup material. “How to scale your business from 1k to 100k”, “How to hire your first employees”, […]
  • Searching for Saas Podcast – 12 episodes in the books!
    It seems like everyone is creating a podcast these days. Josh Ho (@jlogic) have been hanging out for a while. We’re forever talking about Saas stuff – business models, positioning – that sort of thing. It usually starts with one of us seeing something interesting and me asking lots of questions about it. Out of […]
  • Building a nice Postgres / Golang / HTTP Stack
    I’ve been struggling to find a nice set of frameworks for my day-to-day work. Yes, I’ve got those big packages like Golang, React, React Native, Postgres, TimescaleDB … but I’m talking about the finer things. Like how to setup your server-side routing and authentication in a nice way. Or how to deal with authentication and […]
  • Hello world!
    This post marks the beginning of something new. This post is really just here because it makes me happy to start new things with “Hello world!”.