Military-grade bot detection: How to bypass Interaction Checks

How to bypass Interaction Checks

It’s not enough just to check that the browser properties are all in order. Good bot detection scripts also monitor human interaction to check for authenticity.

When you or I move a mouse on the screen, we follow a predictable and human-like behaviour. Bots do not. Bots move in a straight line, move at 100MPH and come to a screeching stop at the button they want to click.

This section is all about modelling human behaviour and attempting to code-ify that. There are a few things to watch: mouse/touch movement, keyboard typing, 3d-motion.

To be continued…

Intro: How I bypassed military-grade bot detection software on popular ecommerce sites

Part 1: How to bypass the Server Bot Check

Part 2: How to avoid bot detection Client Checks

Part 3: How to bypass Interaction Checks